Why should you choose us?

When you plan to run a business online, you need to have a comprehensive business set-up and client management solution in hand so as to make it large. With a widely changing online world, catering to every single customer with his specific demands has become the key to success. You need to cater to the queries effectively and promptly so as to develop a trust among your customers. Will advanced technology and efficient solutions you need to run an online interface that can bring you a successful business conversion along with fully customizable options. When there is no dearth of solution providers claiming tall about their solutions, you need “The Solution Provider” to cater to your specific demands and offer you a complete solution.

This is exactly where Riva Web Tech can come to you as your solution provider. And this is why you should choose us as your “The Solution Provider”. We do not claim big, but we do it in our manner that can offer you the exact customized solution that you would be looking for.

Framework Custom Development

  • Framework Custom Development

    We also offer expertise in various framework customizations with our extensive knowledge and practical applications. We master customization of immensely popular frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel, Zend, CodeIgnitor, and many others. Offering you customized components and specific payment modules on such frameworks we ensure dependability and complete automation of the business flow with smooth management of website and its backend applications. With such framework customization, we not only bring you the super-functionality to your website, but also offer you a smart work-base which is immaculate, fluidly functional fast and easy to operate. We ensure a complete control of your business in your own hands when you ask us for a customized framework.

CMS Custom Development

  • CMS

    In the evolving world of WWW, Content Management System (CMS) has acquired a lion share with its functional applications. And as a perfectionist, we have acquired talents for taming the limits of customized CMS applications. We have mastered strong skills with customized plugins development with API integration. With platforms such as Woocommerce, we make tailor-made plugins that can be integrated for various actions and functions. We make your entire business operation simple with our smart plugins. Our team understands the core requirements and develops a systematic plugin that is guaranteed to offer you peace of mind while automating each and every functional application. Starting from product additions to module management to functionality addons, to payment gateway integration, we master skills for effective plugins that can seamlessly blend with your CMS platform. The outputs are often measurable and accountable for any functional applications and we ensure the best codes in each segments of our development work- chart. With extensive knowledge of woocommerce hooks, actions, filters and APIs, we ensure flawless performance with immaculate coding and integration. We ensure our clients receive the power and flexibility to choose their desired functionality and render seamless services to their customers.

WHMCS Custom Development


    As WHMCS is evolving as one of best for any functional eCommerce application, we adopt the skills to tame the powers of this vicious platform and offer distinct customization with a smart interface. With our WHMCS custom development, we ensure a better craftsmanship with specific functionalities that our clients often search for. Our target is to make the business management simple for you and thereby we render you attainable customization with WHMCS development. With our WHMCS custom development, we not only ensure a complete automation to your business process, but also render you comprehensive flexibility to manage your web platform as per your desires and needs of your customers. With integrated support for product and catalog management, database server link-ups, password management, billing and tax-calculations, addon module development, server modules setups, provisioning module, registrar module setups, custom report module creations, we ensure a complete privilege to you to manage your products and delivery line-ups. We have also expertise in SaaS integration with WHMCS with integration of Quickbook, Cashflow, Xero, Vend and many others. Such business app integration in WHMCS definitely eases the specific tasks and offers a greater degree of flexibility with theme customization and development of a responsive platform. We offer you a complete control of this vivacious WHMCS as per your specific requirements so as to manage a powerful interface with ease and convenience.

Why us?

  • We are punctual

  • We work on ethical principles

  • We check the works through a systematic process

  • We ensure highly stable development

  • We are always available for you

  • We are acceptable

  • We are the team

Meet us through our numbers or contact us. We are sure you will never get a chance for disappointment. We will make sure that your solutions are rendered to you at the exactly committed time and manner so as to keep you happy and satisfied.

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